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Biogenes Technologies Raises $5.7M in Series A Round

NEW YORK — Biogenes Technologies, a Malaysian provider of genomic and molecular research products, said earlier this month that it has raised $5.7 million in Series A funding.

The money was provided by venture capital firm Pembangunan Ekuiti.

Founded in 2015, Biogenes designs and supplies a range of products for healthcare, ag-bio, food safety, and environmental testing applications including diagnostic biosensors, DNA immobilization probes, and aptamers.

The company said it will use the newly raised money to expand its commercial footprint in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

"Biogenes will invest in a medical-grade manufacturing facility, advancing our technology portfolio, and expanding our sales outreach to the Southeast Asia region and other parts of the world," Biogenes Cofounder and CEO Tang Kok Mun said in a statement. "We [aim] to have the capacity to produce 10 million test kits [for aptamer-based diagnostics] per year."

The Scan

Cystatin C Plays Role in Immunosuppression, Cancer Immunotherapy Failure, Study Finds

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