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By Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine Releases New Data at ASCO on Use of HRD Algorithm in Early Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Enhancing Evidence Build

The findings support Foundation's algorithm, called HRDsig, as a strong predictor of response to PARP inhibition.

By Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics Unveils New Partnerships at 18th Anniversary

The company will partner separately with Invivoscribe and AccuraGen for the development of cancer biomarker and minimal residual disease tests.

By Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine Study Shows Value of ctDNA Tumor Fraction for Treatment Response Monitoring in Clinical Research

The results add to evidence for the potential of ctDNA tumor fraction as a new monitoring tool that could allow clinical researchers to detect tumor progression and change treatment strategies earlier than through current methods.

By Biognosys

Perspective: Next-Generation Proteomics Holds the Key to Success for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

Immunotherapy has transformed cancer treatment in just a few years, and studies presented at the AACR Annual Meeting show how proteomics will further unlock immunotherapy’s potential and help bring the next generation of therapies to market.

By Guardant Health

DNA Methylation as a Biomarker of Cancer Therapy Response and Minimal Residual Disease: Trends, Challenges, and Use Cases

DNA methylation analysis in the blood, powered by advances in wet-lab chemistry and bioinformatics, has enabled the use of epigenomic profiling to enhance the sensitivity of liquid biopsy, providing a deeper understanding of tumor biology and expanding the promise of precision oncology beyond what genomic information can offer.

By Thermo Fisher Scientific

Perspective: Thermo Fisher Aims to Reduce Time-to-Results for Cancer NGS

For the benefits of precision medicine to be fully realized, more laboratories must be able to access NGS technologies in-house, and NGS results must be delivered to patients faster.

By Illumina

As Use of Large Cancer Panels and Whole-Genome Sequencing Expands, Illumina Plans to Future-Proof NGS Interpretation and Reporting

Illumina’s new software platform, designed to reduce tertiary analysis time and ease reporting, launches in multiple global markets as experts say the volume of clinical NGS data is ballooning. 


By Seegene Inc

Interview: Updates in HPV Testing and Genotyping for Cervical Cancer Screening

Photograph of Marta del Pino

In February 2023, Seegene met with Marta del Pino at Eurogin, the leading international conference focused on human papillomavirus (HPV) and associated cancers, to discuss the value of HPV testing and genotyping in the new cervical cancer screening paradigm.

By Janssen

Perspective: Delivering Precision Medicine for Bladder Cancer Through Collaboration

In the wake of a transformational period for bladder cancer treatment, the time is right to harness integrated care coordination and precision medicine in order to optimize patient outcomes across the disease continuum. 

By Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics Promises Sub-$100 Genome, Unveils New Sequencers at AGBT 2023

The firm also announced a lower reagent price of $150 per genome for its DNBSEQ-T7 sequencer, which is already available.